Panathen is a joint team venture of skilled experts in the sector of tourism services, especially in transfers, yacht chartering and cruising, tailored made tours and excursions, rentals (rent a villa, rent an apartment, rent a limo, rent a car, rent a bike, rent a e-scooter) and taxi services (yellow cab services).

Panathen name logo drags its origin from ancient Greece and famous city kingdom of Athens that took its name from relevant goddess Athena. For her grace, every four years Athenians citizens organized a large scale celebration. The festivity, consisted of a numerus of activities, but the most famous was an athletic competition, a music contest and a horse race. This festivity was well known as “Panathenaea” and the typical place in order to declare the start and the conclusion of the activities, was the “Panathenaikon Stadium”.

Panathen company, today has the intent to provide classy and luxury services within affordable prices, keeping up always, high quality standards with safety, discretion and friendly behavior.

Panathen has also as a core idea that the users of her services, by leaving the country shall have in their luggage the best than ever memories till the next get back in Greece.

For Panathen, is of great importance your smile and your satisfaction,  either sailing with our S/Y Invictus  or exploring together old and new neighborhoods of Athens and other famous places of Greece by using some of our luxury and stylus  vehicles.

Panathen pays extra attention to the protection of the environment in any dimension of our common activities.

Panathen of course maintains for all of its staff the best code of contact with mutual dignity and respect for everyone.

Don’t forget that for Panathen you are not clients, you are friends!

That’s why Panathen is:

More than transfers, yacht cruises and chartering, tours & excursions, rentals and taxi services…