Athens & Piraeus City Tour - 8 hours

As above, plus a tour in the city-port of Pireus by car (mini van, mini bus, sedan or limo)!

We will explore the city port of Pireus by entering in the city from the north, at the end of Piraeus street. Then, we will cross all the seaside area of the port with the peers and ferries, that join the mainland with all Aegean sea islands, including Crete and Dodecanese islands !

Then we will pass from The Municipal Theatre of Piraeus (a neoclassical building that was designed by architect Ioannis Lazarimos and was first time established in April 9th of 1895) with direction to the bottle neck of the port. A lion sculpture stands there, as the sleepless guard of the port, just few meters from the main gate of Hellenic Navy Officers Academy.

Then we will cross typical but historic neighborhoods of Piraeus, as Hatzikiriakion, Freatyda, Kallipoli, marina Zeas with a lot of sailing and motor yachts and a very beautiful but small beach of Votsalakia, just a breath  from Athens! By leaving behind us the beautiful beach, we will reach the Kastela’s marina (plenty of traditional taverns and restaurants with sea food), and then we ‘ll see the Olympic Stadium of Peace and Friendship, the marina of Athens and the Floisvos marina, where is the Naval Museum with two significant exhibits : a battleship named AVEROF, well know for its dedicated victorious contribution   during 1st W.W. in the Lemnos battleship against Ottomans navy and an exact replica in physical scale of an ancient Greek warship, the ancient triere (with three rows of   paddles)!


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