Delphi - Arahova Excursion - Full Day

By choosing this excursion, now on, you decide to go to the Greek mainland, especially in the Voiotia and Phokida prefectures.

By leaving Athens and having in our compass the north direction, we can combine the archeological site of Delphi , with a visit to a mountainous but very picturesque village, named Arahova.

Delphi archeological site is located on the slope of mount Parnassus and extends in multiple levels, including the sanctuary of God Apollo and  the ancient Oracle. In Greek mythology is believed that the site has been determined by Zeus, orienting the center of Grandmother Earth (Gaia).

Delphi’s Oracle is also known as the Pytho, the ancient sanctuary by giving important future predictions. For ancient Greeks, Delphi was the center of the earth, marked by a stone monument called the omphalos. Delphi’s great importance and influence for all Hellenic city-states and their unity, has been recognized by UNESCO and World Heritage.

The town of Delphi, was Pan-Hellenic well known since 7th century BC.

The site and the town gradually have been declined and the domination by the Ottoman Empire gave the final hit in 1410 AD. Delphi remained uninhabited for centuries and the first presence for permanent presence happened in 16th century by the nearby  construction of the Panagia (Mother of God) Monastery and a small village named Kastri. Today, in the vicinity of Delphi site,  there is the homonym small village. Significant structures and monument on site are the Temple of Apollo, the Amphictyonic Council, the Treasuries, the Altar of Giants, the Stoa of Athenians, the Sibyl Rock, the Theatre, the Tholos, the Stadium, the Hippodrome, the Polygonal wall, the Castalian spring,  the Athlectic Statues and more. The Delphi Archaeological Museum is at the foot of the main archaeological complex and houses a great collection of artifacts and fragments  discovered in the Delphi’s site, including the famous charioteer of Delphi, golden treasuries, the sphinx of Naxos, and other.

Nearby to the Delphi site, in a distance of about 10 Km, there is a touristic resort of Arahova’s town, with full of luxury wooden challets, hotels, spa resorts and villas, restaurants, taverns, bars and brand stores, offering a large variety of jewelry, clothing, traditional local products and more. Arahova is considered as the greatest winter holidays destination in Greece due to the ski center in the area. However, Arahova manages to attract also visitors in spring, summer and autumn, especially for those who prefer the majesty, calm  and relax of the pines trees forest in the mountainous environment. In Arahova you can taste traditional food, cheese formaella, local pasta, meat products, including bread products and deserts.

Moreover, during summer, Itea and  Galaxidi, as  magnificent seaside villages having beautiful beaches with sunbeds and umbrellas, are about to 15-20  minutes driving time, from Delphi’s site! So,  after your visit in archeological site, you have the alternative to choose either a visit in the nearby beaches or to be relaxed in a cozy and luxury swimming pool of the area’s hotels and spas!


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