Panathen Rent a Bike

But as transportation solution providers, our solutions, PANATHEN cannot stop to a rent a car solution!

As the center of historical Athens (historical triangle including the majority of monuments, museums, archaeological sites and other places worth to visit and enjoy in Athens), is not providing access for cars, except limited taxis, a bike tour is seems more than ideal for your movement needs, offering a charming and enjoyable way to visit Athens!

So, in case that you prefer a calm and cozy exploration of downtown neighborhoods of Athens, you can choose from a wide variety of bicycles and e-bicycles for you and your friends or your family members and your children!

Especially for new trends, we can also offer E-Bike / E-Scooter for a whole day! Either for an e-bicycle or for an e-scooter, just plug it in and go!

Delivery & Pick Up takes place to our offices in the Athens centre. We offer Delivery & Pick Up Service within the Athens Historical Centre with no charge!

Main characteristics

for one person, kids ( till 7’’ wheels), adults male or female (from 14’’ to 21’’ wheels).
Calendar and pricing: Prices start from 10 euros / day!! Special prices for families and group of friends and visitors!! Don’t miss it out!!
For special offers and discounts, please contact !