Attica Tour - 12 hours

Attica tour is a combination of Athens and Piraeus city tour (as above), plus visits to Marathon tomb and museum, Sounion Cape and Athens Riviera.

The Marathon’s Archeological site, in the eastern part of Attica prefecture, is worldwide famous for the same name battle of Marathon in 490 BC, were Athenians and their allies  Plataeans (around 11.000) have been clashed with the Persians (more than 125.000) during their expedition and their invasion effort to Greece. Actually, Athenians managed to repel the Persians invasion and destroy their army and fleet (Salamina’s battleship) and to maintain  alive their culture, philosophy, art, theater and innovative politics, as a lighting house for democracy and today’s western civilization. The relevant tomb is the cemetery for 200 hundreds of Athenians who fell in the battle of Marathon, supporting their values and principles. In the north of the tomb, there is a marble trophy, erected by the Athenians to commemorate their win and honoring their fighters who felt in the battle. A lot of historical artifacts are exposed in the nearby archeological museum of Marathon.

Cape Sounion is around 70 km from the center of Athens at the southest part of Attica prefecture. It is considered as one of the best sites that you should visit  while in  Athens. Cape Sounion is famous not only for the Poseidon ancient Temple, but also for its beautiful sunset and the great views to the Aegean Sea. Poseidon’s Temple has been built around 6th century BC, but has been destroyed by the Persians. Pericles, governor of Athens , during the  Gold Era of his governance, has rebuilt it in 440 BC, posting also a statue of the Poseidon into the temple. Today, parts of the statue are exposed in the Archeological museum in Athens. The temple was made of marble from Paros island and in one of its columns, is written the word “Byron”, by the famous poet Lord Byron, during a visit to the monument back in 1810.

In our way back to Athens, we will reach all seaside Athens Riviera, starting from Varkiza, to Vouliagmeni, to Voula, to Glyfada,  Floisvos, Faliro and back in Athens!


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