Epidavros - Mycenae - Nafplion Excursion - Full Day

Next proposal in Peloponnese, as the previous one, in order to combine visits to archeological sites with touristic hubs is to visit Epidavros ancient theater, Mycenae archeological site, and Nafplion harbor in Argolis prefecture.

Epidavros ancient theater is situated in the city of Epidavros, near to Ligourio village in Argolis, and was  dedicated to the ancient Greek God of Medicine Asclepious. It is considered as  the one of the best ancient theatres, regarding its acoustic . Has being built in the 4th century BC by the Polykleitos architect and has a seating capacity of 14.000 spectators. Has being used as the perfect place to host music, drama and other activities during festivities for Asclepious, having in parallel a healing role for the patients-spectators. Nowadays, the theater is used for the performance of ancient drama plays and also for musical events including Greek and foreigner actors and singers, as the Greek soprano Maria Callas back in 1961.

Mycenae is our next stop, regarding archeological sites. Is situated in Argolis prefecture too and is considered as one of the most important archeological sites within Greece. Has being founded in prehistorical times, especially during Bronze Era. Ancient legends say that founder was Perseus, son of God Zeus, being supported by the Cyclopes, who built with giant stones the fortress, thus has been  characterized as Cyclopean walls (no human could move these giant stones). During Mycenaen Era, its relevant culture and civilization dominates all mainland Greece, Aegean islands and Minor Asia shores from 3000 BC. Many theories have been debated regarding the end of that era  around 1.200 BC, but with no credible facts and events. One of the most famous monuments in the site is the Lions Gate Guards, giving the main access to the acropolis. The monument symmetry of lions in the gate, is giving the first sculpture example in the European continent, where a dynasty obtains a crest of coat of arms. Other significant monuments are the Grave Circle A and B, the tomb of Clytemnestra, the tomb of Aegisthus, and the Treasury of Atreus.

Leaving Mycenae, we will go to Nafplio harbor, one of the most romantic and beautiful towns in Greece. The Palamidi fortress is surrounded by the harbor giving an extra picturesque sense in the sunset view! Seaside street is full of traditional bars and restaurants with local tastes and the attractive narrow streets with colorful pots and flowers in the windows will drug you and travel you in other eras.  You shall add in the picture, Neoclassical mansions, elegant venetian style houses and very interesting museums. Because of its proximity from Athens, especially during weekends in the summer, Nafplion is one of the lovable weekend destinations for the majority of Athenians.


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