Panathen Taxi Services

Panathen is next to you, in every of your steps

Panathen’s vision is to provide you comprehensive transportation solution in every step, in every minute of your transportation needs!

Even if for your minor daily transportation needs, or simply just from and to the airport or something different for your needs, PANATHEN’S  fleet includes also taxi vehicles (yellow cabs) to make your daily movements a real happy and joyful experience!

Our taxi fleet includes MERCEDES BENZ E200 AMG serie (some) , all with leather interior, 2 or 3 zonen clima, (plus sun roof, alloy weels), with full of electric and automatic amenities!

Pricing is according to the national regulations for taxi (with taximeter and/or standard fare)!

Just give us a call (+30 211 400 3838)

or e-mail us (email:

and we ‘ll try to make our best in order to successfully cover your transportation need in the most timely manner!

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Panathen Yellow Taxi Section, will be more than happy to satisfy your transportation needs!