Ancient Olympia - Kyllini Excursion - Full Day

Another proposal in Peloponnese, combining visit to archeological site and  touristic hubs is to visit ancient Olympia and nearby Kyllini port in Hlia prefecture.

Ancient Olympia, is one of  the most important reason to visit Peloponnese and combine in this very beautiful trip, naturalistic and archaeological interest with a parallel visit to Killini attractions.

Ancient Olympia is situated in the western Peloponnese, very close to the Alfios river valley. Olympia green landscape was the most famous sanctuary in ancient Greece, dedicated to the father of Gods, Zeus. During ancient times Olympia gradually became the most significant religious and athletic games center allover Greece. Drags its name  from the national festivities, every four years, in order to honor Zeus and his place, the Olympus mount. UNESCO World Heritage declaration, states that there is no other relevant archeological place most relevant to nowadays than Olympia, due to the Olympic Games. Most significant monuments of the site, are the Olympia’s stadium, the Zeus sanctuary temple, the Altis in the center of the site, the Echo Stoa, the classical temple of Zeus, the temple of Hera, the Metron, the Nymphaion, the Pelopeion, the Prytaneion, the Philippeion, the Altar of Zeus and more.

Along the Secret Road, there are  the gymnasium, the palaestra, the workshop of Pheidias, the Roman hot baths and  the Leonidaion. In the Stadium, Olympic Games were held and in hippodrome took place horse races. There are also groups of mansions and other buildings built in the Roman era to host visitors and officials, as  the House of Nero for the Roman Emperor.

By concluding our visit to Olympia site, just few kilometers away, you can be relaxed in one the most beautiful sandy beaches around Greece, the Kyllini beach. Kyllini is well known not only for its beaches, where famous brands hotels and spas have been built, but also for its hot springs, mud baths and its port. From Kyllini port you can take the ferry to Zakynthos or the other Ionian islands.

Kyllini port is situated around 280 km from Athens and apart a getaway to Ionian islands is ideal destination for relax in its beaches and an attractive road excursion. The visitor will discover, in the Kyllini town and the wider region, a unique combination of nature and history. Be sure that Kyllini will be one of your best surprises, by discovering ancient baths, natural forests, vast sandy beaches, medieval castles, ancient Greek and Roman monuments and unsurpassed natural beauties!


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