7 Day - Explore the Cyclades Islands

Share an All-Inclusive cruise enjoying sailing along the Athens Riviera plus Sounio Cape, Kea (Tzia), Kythnos, Syros (or Sifnos or Serifos), Mykonos, (or Paros or Naxos) islands!

Cruise duration 7 days (six overnight stay  in the cabins)
Departing 10:00 in the morning , return 09:00 in the morning, after six days.


From the Glyfada’s marina along the coastal line of the region of Athens, to the wonderful crystal blue waters of Prassonisi inhabited island, to Vouliagmeni and the wild inhabited island of Fleves. In total one stop for swimming. Then the itinerary goes to the Sounion cape, harboring in the port, where you can visit local taverns and restaurants. Stay overnight in the cabins.

Next day (2nd day) Invictus takes direction to go to Kea (Tzia) island and then to Kythnos island, with one stop for swimming and snorkeling. Meal on board. Enjoy your drink or your dinner in one of the traditional taverns and restaurants with full of Mediterranean specialties. Stay overnight in the cabins.

Next day (3rd day), Invictus goes to Syros island (is the capital city of Cyclades complex islands prefecture), where you could have a lot of alternatives, either to visit the old picturesque town with magnificent view of Syros port and town, or to walk and relax in the narrow streets of the port, finding local tastes and wines! Meal on board, sunbath in the deck, dinner on shore  and stay overnight in the cabins!

Next day (4th day) is your day! Invictus will harbor to Mykonos island! Maybe the most famous island around the world, especially for its countless bars, restaurants and a never ending nightlife! After enjoying your swimming and sunbath in the deck, meal onboard and then Mykonos is awaiting for you, till next morning! Stay overnight in the cabins.

The fifth day ((5th day), Invictus, is  calling you to take the way of return, but before leaving Mykonos, you can reach Delos island (archaeological site) and pay a short visit or just swimming and snorkeling! Meal on board and the night finds Invictus, harboring in Syros port! Dinner or drink onshore and stay overnight in the cabins, will complete the day with the best way!

Staying in the return direction, next day (6th day) Invictus, will make one stop in Kea (Tzia) island for swimming and snorkeling and meal onboard. Then will harbor in Sounion cape, where you can have your dinner on shore. Stay overnight in the cabins.

Next day (7th day), Invictus continues his return path in order to be in Glyfada’s harbor around 9:00 a.m.

Cruise with sailing yacht and Skipper includes:

Fuels, harboring fees, full linen for all passengers (2Xset pillow case, 2X2 bed sheets, 2Xbody, hands and face towels, blanket if needed)
Snorkeling, Fishing equipment, one meal prepared onboard, coffee,  wine or beer, bottled water and soft drinks included.

Price: 4.150 €

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*In case that the visitors would like to reach Paros or Naxos islands, the itinerary will be amended accordingly including Sifnos or Serifos islands instead of Syros islands. Pricing remains the same.